How to disassemble Casio camera EX-ZR200 or EX-ZR300 (and probably also EX-ZR100, EX-ZR400)

Since I have not found any instructions how to disassemble my Casio EX-ZR300 camera, I had to discover it myself. Here is what I found. Warning - it is very easy to make some irreparably damage using these procedures. Do not try it if you cannot allow yourself to destroy your camera.


Phillips vs JCIS

The right screwdriver for all screws in this camera is clearly JCIS #0. Originally I had to use my own "screwdriver" grinded down from an old saw blade 0.4mm thick, because Phillips screwdriver is inappropriate for these screws.

Step one - rear cover removal:

2 of 6 screws holding rear cover

Six screws and three locks hold the rear cover. Because the length of all screws is not equal, it is noted in parentheses.

4 of 6 screws holding rear cover

3 locks

To say the truth, I do not know how to release those locks easily. I just tried to apply more and more force hoping that the glass of the rear cover will survive it :‑( .

The images shows positions of locks.

Front cover removal:

Another 5 screws hold front cover (and some locks, which are easy to release, but it can be difficult to get them all to the right places during reassembling).

1 of 5 screws holding front cover 1 of 5 screws holding front cover
1 of 5 screws holding front cover 1 of 5 screws holding front cover
1 of 5 screws holding front cover

Front cover removed:

EX-ZR300 Front cover removed

Besides locks of the rear cover, another difficult step is disconecting of display. Its 45pin connector is placed on the bottom side of mainboard, and is almost unaccessible. Ribbon cables, usually called FFC/FPC (Flat flexible cable/Flexible printed circuitry) are locked in connectors by "actuators". The actuator is easy to lift up by fingernail.

FFC/FPC lock

To say the truth, I have no idea how to unlock the display connector and release the display FPC.

Display and keyboard FPCs

Because I needed to remove the mainboard, I tried to do it with the display cable connected. Removing the mainboard involves unscrewing it (2 screws 3.0mm), disconnecting flat cables, desoldering battery and speaker wires, releasing microphones and undoing the "HS" switch (which is held in its place by double-sided adhesive tape). But still connected display cable, together with the plastic entry to memory card slot makes almost impossible to get the mainboard out. But eventually, I managed it somehow.

Mainboard removed

Than it is easy to release the lock of the connector and remove the display FPC. Note that unlike the other connectors on the mainboard, this one has its actuator on the opposite side than the FPC is inserted.

Display connector

The top and bottom of the EX-ZR300 mainboard:

EX-ZR300 Mainboard EX-ZR300 Mainboard

Keyboard details:

Keyboard Keyboard detail

The reason why I disassembled the camera was the intention to change its functionality. Especially for stacked macro photography, I need complete remote control, because even mounted on tripod, camera slightly moves when shutter and other buttons are pressed. So I decided to sacrifice the HDMI output and use its connector for external keyboard.

External keyboard

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